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I think the virtual tour you have produced is brilliant. It is an excellent way to showcase our cottages.

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360º Virtual Tours

360º virtual tours can really bring your website to life and help you stand out from the competition with a genuinely immersive experience giving potential customers a full feel for your business or property from the comfort of their own homes. Using a standard web browser they can view high resolution imagery of a room and have ability to zoom in and out and pan around the full 360º. Multiple rooms can be linked together so that the customer can move from room to room as if they were actually walking and looking around the property.

Some interesting stats from research carried out for Best Western International, the worlds largest hotel chain:

57% of leisure travellers and 46% of business travellers called virtual tours on a hotel web site "a very desirable feature"
virtual tours generate 46% more sales (bookings) than still images

Our high resolution virtual tours have been designed to integrate into any website quickly and easily. Don't be put off by poor quality virtual tours you may have seen elsewhere that say you must install Java or QuickTime first before you can view them. Our virtual tours are created in both industry standard Flash and HTML5 formats for maximum compatibility with web browsers on PC's, laptops, tablets, as well as Android smart phones and Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, meaning there is no additional software for a user to install to use our virtual tours.

What is included in the service?

  • A fully interactive and immersive high resolution 360º virtual tour of your business with as many rooms as you require.
  • Interactive navigation to easily move around your virtual tour. The user can spin around, look up and down, zoom in and out and walk from room to room.
  • The virtual tour is easily embedded into your existing website or social media.
  • The virtual tour can be customised to your requirements such as adding your own business branding.
  • The virtual tour is currently hosted on our servers at no extra cost.
  • Multimedia elements can be embedded within the virtual tour such as audio and video

How can it help my business?

Virtual tours promote your business so much more than still images can.

  • Stand out from your competition. If you know your business or property is better than your competition, this is the way to showcase and prove it to potential customers.
  • Retain visitors to your website and increase the time they spend there rather than at a competitors. A visitor may spend only seconds looking at a still image, but perhaps 10 - 15 minutes exploring everything you have to offer using your virtual tour.
  • Convert visitors to your website into customers with that wow factor that could be their deciding factor.
  • They are a proven marketing method that have the ability to put customers 'within' the space you want to promote.
  • It doesn't matter what time of day it is or where in the country or world the customer is located, they will be able to virtually walk around and experience your business.

Additional Features

Multimedia elements can be embedded within the virtual tour to enhance the user experience:

  • You can have background audio within your tour, so we could record ambient sound from each room/area which would be played in the background
  • You can have audio hotspots, that when clicked playback audio, such as sounds, music, commentary
  • Video can be embedded within the tour, so for example if you have a television/monitor in the room it can be playing a video. Again hotspots can be used to play back video within the tour when clicked.
  • Textual information can popup within the tour when hotspots are clicked or hovered over
  • Close-up images can be displayed when items/hotspots are clicked
  • Interactive site plans can be added, say a plan of the building where you can see exactly where in the building you are currently and you can click on other rooms in the plan to navigate around.

How is it done?

  • In each room or space, a series of photographs is taken using a digital SLR camera and specialist lens and panoramic tripod head that rotates around 360º, as well as vertically up and down.
  • Several images are taken at each position to capture the ranges of available light. It takes on average 84 photographs to create a 360º panorama of a single room.
  • These photographs are loaded onto a computer and processed to digitally enhance them, and then they are 'stitched' together using specialist software to create a single spherical image covering the full 360ºx180º
  • Using more specialist software, these spherical images for each room are linked together and a user interface added for navigation to create the virtual tour.
  • The virtual tour is hosted on our servers, and is easily embedded into your existing website or social media. The customer can then use the virtual tour on your website. It can be put into full screen and the customer can move from room to room looking around each room as they go.

More information on 360º Virtual Tours: