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I was impressed how much you carefully planned each shot to ensure we got the photographs needed to showcase our property.

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Photographs of the property can make or break a decision to enquire, so making sure they are to a high standard is paramount.

The exterior shots are probably the most important for many sectors, and so need to be strong and communicate as many of the property’s features as possible. An exterior shot is usually the first that appears on a website or marketing literature, so the goal is to make the property look its very best and make it stand out from other properties so it will catch and retain the attention and interest of potential customers.

Gardens and grounds are particularly strong selling points for a property and should be emphasised with strong appealing images, and seasonal considerations can be catered for.

The weather is obviously an important factor for external shots. We will check the weather prior to a shoot and rearrange if necessary,  as a property in misty drizzle will not look particularly appealing. External shots look best in bright conditions, or at twilight, particularly if you have external lighting. Magic can be performed in post-production to replace dull skies with brighter bluer skies if necessary.